The company

Conemar has been offering custom fit solutions for commercial shipping since 1984.

Our experience enables us to provide complete and rapid expedition throughout the world and to personally assist our clients through all phases of transport.

At Conemar we charter between 90 and 100 ships per year dedicating ourselves to the safe and efficient arrival of each, ensuring the delivery of our client’s goods and commercial interests.

We have particular expertise in the transport of elaborated ferrous material as produced by some of the most important foundries both in Italy and abroad, specially engineered plants and conventional dry bulk.

We have provided exceptional shipping services for companies such as: Acqua Vera (Nestlè Group) from Chioggia, Italy to Moscow by sea and river, Thyssen-Krupp handling elaborated ferrous materials, Cosider Groupe shipping their specially engineered plants from Italy to Algeria, and Litmod attending to the extreme requirements and details pertaining to the shipment of hazardous goods.

Everyday we challenge ourselves to do better, simpler, faster, enhancing our engagement in the Mediterranean and in the Northern Sea, but also in the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and newly in West Africa.

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